Be a #Girlboss

‘GIRLBOSS:  A Girlboss is in charge of her own life. She gets what she wants because she works for it. A Girlboss takes her life seriously without taking herself too seriously.’

Girlboss is the term most commonly associated with Sophia Amoruso who was the founder of Nasty Gal and wrote the best-selling book #GIRLBOSS. Not only is it a wildly popular term that is printed on t-shirts, journals, etc, it’s also a pretty powerful message for helping women around the world be inspired and be a boss of their own success.

After reading GIRLBOSS (and binge-watching the Netflix series) I couldn’t help but feel incredibly inspired to succeed and do my own thing. I think it’s a must read for anyone who wants to be their own boss, create, build and succeed – male or female.

“I don’t want you to look up, Girlboss, because all that looking up can keep you down. The energy you’ll expend focusing on someone else’s life is better spent working on your own. Just be your own idol.”

With the growth of social media it’s so easy to get so caught up in other peoples lives but I think you’ve got to remember not to compare yourself to them and bare in mind that people only share the best bits of their lives. They don’t post the bits where they feel crappy or miserable so it’s important that you don’t beat yourself up over their seemingly perfect lives. There’s no point comparing yourself to friends, celebrities, idols because your life is pretty amazing too! Instead of endlessly scrolling through photos and beating yourself up because your life isn’t theirs, you should spend that time invested in yourself. If you really want to become a success start being your own idol and do the best you can to become the best idol you could ever want.

“Girls who are yet to become a Girlboss will do it not by whining – but by fighting.”

Fight for what you want and believe in yourself whole-heartedly. That energy you’d usually spend comparing/moaning/wishing should be spent building yourself into the best possible version of you. Fight your way to the top and get yourself out there. Theres a lot of things in life that you have to work really hard for in order to achieve and theres hardly anything that can just be handed to you on a silver plate. If the thing you want most doesn’t exist then go out there and create it.

“No matter where you are in life, you’ll save a lot of time by not worrying too much about what other people think of you. The earlier in your life that you realise that, the easier the rest of it will be.”

No matter who you are or what you do, people will have their opinions about you so you may as well do whatever the hell you want. Be authentically you and not the version you think other people will approve of. You are already a wonderful person inside and out so don’t conform to other peoples opinions and don’t bother worrying about what other people will think as long as you are doing what is right for you. 

“A Girlboss knows that she might not nail it on the first try, and thats okay. Remember to be open and keep your head up when something doesn’t work out.”

Above all else, don’t give up. Fight to the top, believe in yourself, and create whatever you must create in order to be the person you want to become. If something doesn’t work out, learn from it and move on. Remember that everything happens for a reason so keep smiling and keep growing – and try again until you succeed.

All quotes used are from #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso.

Rebekka Fielden

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