Spring Bucket List

After the bad weather we got in march, we seem to have finally arrived in our very late spring *hopefully*.

The weather is finally seeming a little better, the clocks have changed, and theres finally daffodils being sold and nice looking strawberries in the shops.

This Spring I’m excited about plants, light evenings outside, going for morning walks and learning something new.

I’ve committed myself to learning to drive after putting a very pretty looking Mini on my vision board. I also plan on having a few plants in my bedroom to make it feel fresh and bright, go for some long walks, commit to a yoga/meditation practice, and get back to healthy eating.

I decided to write down a list of all the things I’d like to do this spring and hopefully there’ll be a couple of things on here to inspire you too.

  1. Plant a herb garden
  2. Plant a mini succulent garden/get some indoor plants
  3. Get a new Aloe plant
  4. Go for a few early morning walks
  5. Go crystal shopping
  6. Practice yoga at least twice a week
  7. Spring clean
  8. Get my office looking like an office again
  9. Book a trip away with Sully and Simba
  10. Have a driving lesson
  11. Learn to play the ukulele
  12. Read a couple of books
  13. Get a few more sales on my Etsy shop
  14. Go to the cinema
  15. Rewatch the Peanut Photography Course
  16. Buy a bunch of daffodils
  17. Find a better music playlist
  18. Get some new dungarees
  19. Try a new recipe.
  20. Start eating breakfast

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Rebekka Fielden

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