The beginning of Love Rebekka

First of all, thank you to you for ending up here. Whether you’ve been here from the very beginning when I first opened my facebook page, stumbled upon it from instagram, or literally found it by chance – thank you for clicking and reading this post.

It’s quite a daunting thing tapping out words on the keyboard that you know other people will read. You have no idea how long its taken me to write just these few lines – you’ll probably be thinking it took mere minutes but I’ve stared at this page not knowing where to start for like 2 weeks now.

Love Rebekka is something I’ve wanted to create for a while now but never made my first step.

What if people don’t like it? What if it doesn’t work out? What if what if what if

“What other people think of you is none of your business” is the quote that stuck in my head through all of this and one that I’ll be reminding myself of when making every single product and blog post thats to come in the future. It’s ridiculous how much control the “what if” scenarios can have when you let them. It’s time for me, and you, to be ourselves whole-heartedly and not be swayed by what other people may or may not be thinking – because lets be real, they probably aren’t thinking anything and if they are then thats their problem anyway.

Sometimes you’ve got to ask yourself what things really matter to you and focus on them, believe in them, and do everything you can to have those things in your life.

A couple of weeks ago I took the plunge and registered this domain as well as changing my names on all forms of social media so that they matched. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). I want to create a positive space online where I can also sell my products and connect with like-minded people. I’ll be honest I probably procrastinated A LOT during this time as I kept telling myself that I’d open it to the public when it was perfect and finished, but lets be real nothing is ever 100% finished and I could keep finding little things to do for ever to avoid opening it.

So if you’re reading this post then it means I finally did it! I finally got the ball rolling.

Above you’ll see my new business cards and stickers that will be heading out with orders from now on and all across this website you’ll find links to my other social media accounts so you can stay up to date with any new items/posts.

I hope offers you some inspiration somewhere along the way.

Love, Rebekka xxx





Rebekka Fielden

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