A little update and how to stay inspired

How to stay inspired

2 months ago I changed all my social media platforms to Love Rebekka, I created LoveRebekkaUK on Etsy and also began working on this blog.

Since then I’ve been working on new products, attempting to build a little following, and increasing my sales.

So far it’s been better than expected.

Etsy has brought in a few new sales from across the country and this week I got my very first overseas order which today began it’s journey to California.

In these two months I’ve found its so important to keep motivated and inspired to keep moving forward, especially when it can feel like everything is progressing a little slow.

Whether you’re lacking motivation at school, in business, or even just day-to-day things there are so many quick things you can do to feel more motivated again.


1) Create a playlist of all the songs that boost your mood and listen to it as loud as your neighbours allow.

2) Read about things that inspire you. I’d definitely recommend She Means Business by Carrie Green, Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, or Mastering your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini.

3) Get a list going of all your ideas that you just can’t wait to start – a project you want to begin, a holiday you want to take, everything. Then get excited about them.

4) Surround yourself with people, things and quotes that inspire you. Read my previous post on how to surround yourself with positivity. 

5) Wear your favourite outfit that makes you feel like you’ve got your sh*t together and you’re bound to feel more motivated to get stuff done.

6) Be out in nature. Go for a walk and spend some time outdoors and the ideas will always come flowing.

7) Pinterest! The best platform for inspiration – whether thats for healthy recipes, blog post ideas, photography inspiration or to find your next favourite quote.

8) Tidy your space. Once your surroundings are a little more organised your head will feel a bit less jumbled allowing you to sieve through the positive from the negative thoughts.

9) Write a list of all the things you’re grateful for and all the things you’ve already achieved and you’ll be pushed to achieve more. See THIS POST for some ideas to add to your list.

10) Play. Do some yoga. Play with your dog (If you don’t have a dog, look at photos of dogs) then get back to work feeling much happier.

The key to success is to start before you are ready. – Marie Forleo 

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