Taking photos as meditation

“We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.”

“A photograph is the pause button of life”

“Collect beautiful moments.”

People have the false impression that in order to meditate you must sit in lotus position chanting OM with your eyes shut. Those people couldn’t be more wrong. Yes, if you want to meditate that way then by all means do it but meditation is personal to you and what makes you feel calm and grounded.

There are lots of guided meditations out there which I find are perfect to do when you’re at home and the house is a little noisy. See apps like headspace or CALM, or find a piece of calming music you like on YouTube.

But you don’t have to be still to meditate. I find being out in nature with a camera is just as meditative.

Not only will you be taking photos of beautiful things for you to keep forever but you’ll also be out in the fresh air getting your daily dose of Vitamin D, a bit of exercise, and you’ll also be surrounding yourself with beauty.

Each photo you take is an act of gratitude and each time you capture a photo you’ll be saving that moment for you to remember always. You can even print it out to add to your vision board, store in a scrapbook/photo album, or share on social media for your following to appreciate.

When you have a spare 10 minutes go outside and collect as many beautiful moments as you can, and I can guarantee when you come back you’ll feel grounded, blessed and a lot happier than when you left the house.

Tips for meditative photography? Stay where nature blooms. Go to a forest, a beach, a waterfall, a river, or even capture an amazing sunset. Go to the place that makes you feel calm and the photos you take will make that calm last a lifetime.

Rebekka Fielden

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